Caricature of Charles by SangMin Lee.

Around February 2019, our team's programmer Charles came back to his native South Korea after wrapping up his long career in the U.S. In order to live a new life in Korea, Charles had been staying with me for a while. While we were together, we were able to talk about what had happened and about the future.

Charles and I had been close because we had been growing up, having been in big and small trouble since childhood. We talked about various things, and as we groped through the pleasant memories, we even talked about developing games.

I was a senior game designer with experience in releasing various genres of games at a game company, and Charles became a veteran programmer with more than 10 years of experience in IT related work. If we joined forces, it seemed possible to make meaningful games.

We rub shoulders, decided to make our own game. There is a saying in Korea, "Pull the iron horn while it is hot." It's time for me to run when that old saying.

I've set my departure schedule, and I've gone into the process of producing a transition document to deliver to my successor. In the meantime, Charles took time to learn and prepare for his knowledge of game development.