the most important thing

In the past, Charles and I were on different indie development teams and experienced development failures. And we were both able to learn something important things. It was that sustainability was the most important thing for success.

We decided that motivation is the most important thing for sustainability.

And the game genre we've chosen.

For motivation, I said, first of all, I will design Charles' favorite genre of games.
Charles spent his childhood in Korea in the 1990s, and said he liked turn-based RPG games the most popular game genre of the time.

"Farland Tractics," a popular game in Korea in the 1990s

As I said in the previous post, I was full of myself because I had experience designing games of various genres (fps, rpg, fishing game, pc, mobile...), and I immediately started designing turn-based RPG games.

Also, I'll make Charles the first fan of the game we'll make.