the characteristics of two genres

As mentioned in the previous article, I had vowed to make a game that would satisfy Charles.

"Noita" is a good representation of rapid death and rapid growth.

The characteristics of the Rogue Likes genre I was thinking are rapid growth, easy death, and countless choices facing the player. Turn-based tactical games, on the other hand, give you plenty of time to choose, and you're easily drawn-out games. There was a shortcoming in the playing time taking too long.

I had to think of some ideas to include Charles' requirements in two conflicting genres.

The process of determining how two genres combine.

I judged that the larger the size of the map and the greater the variety of enemies that appear, the longer the battle that unfolds on the battlefield of turn-based tactical games. Therefore, it was decided to solve the problem by reducing the size of the map and reducing the number of enemies appearing at once.

I judged that the story that Charles was asking for was in the emotion expression of various characters, interaction between the characters, and various graphic productions shown in the existing Japanese RPG games, but this part was judged to be difficult to include on the scale of our team and for my purpose.

And I thought it would not be easy to create a specific and deep story, given the characteristics of the Rogue Likes genre, which must provide various experiences through combination.

When I was young, I saw a playbook called 'Gamebook', which was the form of me becoming the main character in the book, choosing a choice, and then going to the page to which the choice points and continuing the story. Although the order of the books was a mess, and the book again lost interest once it had completed the adventures it provided, I thought it contained the sensibilities I wanted to give to the players.

event of Slay the Spire

Now that I think about it, I think it also resembles the event of 'Slay the Spire,' a great game that pioneered a new genre.

I thought that lengthy writing, which can be ignored or viewed in detail depending on the players' reading speed, was a good way for users to reduce the time it takes them to make choices and expose their worldview to users in the Rogue Likes genre, which consists of a combination of various events.

A short battle time, and a variety of reading distances and choices. I thought the rest of the decisions we now have to make in the game we're going to produce are feature characters and collection elements.