How to Install Tile Maps

The tile maps we're going to use for the game are ready, and time has come to decide how to use them in deployment and Unity engines. I've worked on one-man development before, and with the help of my former boss, Kass, I was able to deploy game maps through a tool called "tiled."

Last year, I was developing my own game, "Walking Heroes."

Two years have passed since then, and research has been needed on what tiles Unity offers. Through the investigation, I became aware of the function called Rule Tile, which was offered by Unity in early 2018.

I decided to develop this project using the functions provided by Unity, not the third-party program. For the next few days, I learned the rule tiles and registered them.

The first battlefield we registered using "Rule Tile"

I expressed grass and water as an element that interferes with the character's movements or gives the character tactical benefits. It was because it hoped that these topographical elements would affect the game's winning and losing.
As the battleground became so plausible, I had to think about how to create character graphics resources.