Decide to produce one's own art resources

Since the battlefield was roughly shaped, it was necessary to think about the creation of artistic resources for the game characters to fight on the battlefield.
The 7Soul's resources I bought for the game I was making were good enough.
However, there seemed to be a lack of expression for the level of interaction I wanted.
Also, while I was developing games of my own, I wanted to increase my art-related skills and use a higher level of work to make the next game.
For those reasons, I decided to produce my own character resources.

decide to use the SPINE tool

I had to consider two things.
First, studying art is something that I never used to do except scribble to draw cartoons when I was young.
And second, I had to take charge of all the art resources by myself.
I thought I had to create a character template for the rough production process that will unfold to me in the future.

Original pixel art animation that I made when I was young

In general, indie games were popular in the pixel art style. I had tried quite a bit to create a usable level of pixel art a decade ago, and I knew earlier at the time that this was a difficult task for me. Art's hard enough to produce, much less to stationary, I felt as close to impossible to create their animations.
Then, I came up with the SPINE tool that I used in the project six years ago.