learn the Spine tool

Spine tool is an animation production tool that enables this animation of 3D graphics tool in 2D. Before leaving Justine, it occurred to me that I was using a spa on my final project, and I was also curious about what tools I offered for Unity engines.

I consulted Victor, a former co-worker, about the 2D Bonn Animation Tool offered by Unity Engine, and he strongly recommended me to use the Spine Tool.
I had complete confidence in Victor's recommendation as a capable colleague.

At first glance, it seemed easy to produce an animation by dealing with a Spine tool compared to a pixel art. Above all, if the character's bones are set well in the beginning, it will be easy to produce an animation.

YouTube is an excellent free teacher.

I immediately watched a few learning videos on YouTube, bought books for learning, and spent about two weeks learning the spine tool.
After two weeks of learning, I gained confidence in being able to produce characters, and I'm now beginning to sort out the parts to consider in the production.

things to consider

One of the features of the game we can make players will be exposed to various conditions or circumstances. Therefore, I thought that only if the character responds accordingly according to the character's behavior that the player manipulates, could it be fun for the player.

Blizzard is the best company to follow that line of production. One of the reasons I like Blizzard's games is because they are very sensitive to what the player is facing.

In short, if you were a player who played Blizzard's World of Warcraft game, you would have experienced different guidance statements in different situations where skills were not available.

World of Warcraft's various advisory message.

The game guides you through the phrase, "If you don't have enough distance from the target, you have to get closer." If you don't have enough mana, you don't have enough mana. If the waiting time for the skill to be used is insufficient, there is also a corresponding guidance.
I thought this was very important, so I had to consider the character motion depending on the situation.

And there was another difficulty. I thought that the most important part in the production of art resources was uniform quality. I thought I, not an art expert, had to frame well in order to produce a uniform quality of art resource. I decided to make and store basic types of characters like waffles, and apply strawberry cream and so on.