Frame character art resources

I began to design the kind of motion animation and each animation name of the character for use in our game, as if to frame the waffle.
Well, it was a very important factor for me, who lacked a sense of art. Therefore, I have worked on the standard form of the character that I am going to produce.

character-based frame test

The characters in the game that we will develop were planned to be made into a structure that would take the skills that other characters use. Therefore, it was necessary to consider when the visual effects of the skills to be displayed on the screen should be displayed when the skills used by other characters were used.
After a little time of thought, we were able to sort out the contents of what the character would do in the game.

Prototype Warrior Character

That's how we were able to create our basic character warriors.
I don't plan to use it now, but somehow I was satisfied.