Various kinds of visual effects

With the background and characters in place, the remaining art resources for us were UI and game effects. For the reasons stated earlier, we had chosen to produce our own for the sake of uniform quality of art resources
We first had time to think about game visual effects rather than UI.

When I was working in the game industry, game effect production was an unknown territory. That's because, in order to save money, there were no positions assigned to Game Effector, a professional production crew of Game Effect. However, I knew what tools were used to produce game visual effects. It was Adobe's After Effect tool, flash, 3DSMAX, and other game engines, including Unity.

The undisputed best visual effects of tool "after effect"

Since we decided to use Unity to develop games, we started to learn about creating game effects using Unity.
It's a good world these days. As expected, I could find the lecture on game visual effects on YouTube. For a while, I had time to study about the after-effects tool and the shuriken tool offered by Unity Engine.
The shuriken tools offered by Unity were easier to learn than expected. The after effect tool offered a more powerful function, but it was too difficult for me to learn.

I was able to imitate a kind person's video tutorial and produce a game visual effect for the first time in my life.

It's a nasty thing to look at now, but seeing the visual effects produced without much expectation, Charles and I at the time saw hope that we could make it.