Concepts for Key Combat Methods

Concepts for Key Combat Methods
We've been through quite a long debate about how to operate that matches our game concept. The image of the game we were imagining was that the character learned various skills, combined, and poured into their enemies in succession. Therefore, we wanted each character to make several attacks at once.

We did a multi-faceted study to refer to ideas from games that were released earlier, and 'XCOM:ENEMYUNKNOWN' was a good reference.

a masterpiece of turn-based strategy simulator 'XCOM:ENEMYUNKNOWN'

At that time, we decided to build a system similar to the concept of 'XCOM:ENEMYUNKNOWN' and, in short, 'action' that exists in XCOM's combat system.

Planning Memos We Used for Combat Systems Meetings

Whenever a character takes action, such as moving or attacking, it consumes an action point, and if it has enough action points, it can repeat the same action.
Before long, Charles implemented the system.

However, we ran into one problem when we tested it based on the above system. That was that it was not easy to predict the enemy's next move. As far as action forces allow, the enemy has been advancing toward the player's character, and this part has brought the fatal disadvantage of not being able to predict safe distances. For XCOM, because it is basically shooting-based, it assumes a long distance battle, so it is somewhat predictable using the shield, which is a far cry from the game we produce.

One cell in a close-range battle has a different meaning.

If our game doesn't have a range, it's going to be very damaging because of the misjudged location, so the content of the number of movements has become a fatal problem.