Combat system complete and...

We still had a lot of problems, but when our game's combat system was completed, we wanted to open up to others and get feedback. Because it was judged that it wouldn't be a big problem if other people didn't feel the problems they were having.

Feedback on Art Style

The most curious part was the harmony of game characters and background graphics, and many pointed to the art style mismatch as initially feared.

Comments from Reddit

Of course, there were some who said it looked okay, but many were pointing to discrepancies.
I took this seriously, which later led to the recruitment of artist DM30002.

Collect feedback on how the game is manipulated

The second part that I was curious about was others' understanding of how to fight and how to manipulate. We asked acquaintances who came to our development office to test the game without any explanation.
We could test people in their 20s and 40s and get very interesting results.
The first tester was a man in his 40s and a former boss of mine who worked as a producer for many years in the gaming industry. He played the game as a whole, but pointed out several areas where the game was so unfriendly that it needed to be fixed.

The second game tester was a man in his early 30s and an acquaintance who served as a UI designer in the gaming industry. He played a turn-based game, so he played the game as well as he could safely and conservatively.

Finally, his cousin, who was in his early 20s, had never played a turn-based game and had to spend a lot of time manipulating the character to attack the enemy. We were shocked to see this. Therefore, we have a hunch that we should overhaul the way we operate.