Bring in artists

Our game was originally decided by YangTuna, a game designer, to draw all the resources. When some work was created, what we found through various communities was not very objectionable to the character itself, but there was a steady reference to the incongruity of the character and background graphics. Because the character of our game was illustration, but the background graphic was pixel art style.
So first I decided to create a new background graphics resource.

While producing background graphics similar to the character, DM30002 visited my house to tell me that it was going to clean up its life in Seoul and go back to its hometown.
He was an artist who produced FPS games with YangTuna in his previous job, and he was close to me. He looked at our game in production and offered to help whenever he could.

Conceptual Art Works by DM30002

I suggested to him that he would like to make this game together before going home, and he decided to join us after a few days of agonizing.

We worked remotely for a while, and soon DM30002 set up a working environment in my house at my suggestion.

DM30002, located near where the kitchen is located.