What is an awkward resource?

Now we are a three-member team. Game designer YangTuna, programmer Charles, and artist DM30002. We now had to replace awkward art resources without hurting the contents of the game as much as possible.
We had previously been pointed out by large indie community sites in Korea and the U.S. as the gap between tile and character design, and were able to determine that the career of our team’s internal staff would be easier to produce illustration-style game graphics than pixel art styles.
Therefore, we decided to change the tile map to an illustration style.

Tile map resource produced by YangTuna prior to DM30002 joining

Before artist DM30002 joined, I, the team's game designer, was in the process of producing a new tile map and handed over the work to the newly joined DM30002.

DM30002 has begun investigating art resources in a style similar to game characters. Our game was a common top-view game, but the character was a weird game with a side-view type of perspective that would not exist in real life. Various attempts were needed to ensure that this was not awkward, and after a long period of research and progress, DM30002 was able to produce original art resources.

Tile Map Resources Newly Designed by DM30002