Since joining the team, DM30002 has taken the time to create each of the art resources used in the game. As we wrote in the previous post, DM30002 first produced a new set of background tile resources and then spent time designing characters.

Game designer YangTuna’s Warrior character design

The character design that DM30002 showed Charles and me was somehow humorous and dazed. The elements of the game we used to produce were mainly serious, and when we suddenly saw the funny side, we had a hunch that our game had somehow changed its direction.
DM30002 told me because I was worried. Why are you trying to make a serious game when you usually like something humorous? Aren't we going to make indie games? He told me, and when I heard it, I realized something great.
My long career at the company has made me aware of the fact that I have been used to making characterless games.

Since then, I have been seriously concerned about how the game we produce will give the player feelings.

Artist DM30002's Warrior Character Design