complete a combat system

Charles and I, and DM30002, were finally able to complete the combat system. The completed combat system was much more intuitive and responsive than the previous combat system.

The figure followed many similarities to the games that already existed, but it also had our own original features.
However, for a short time, we could not help but feel sorry for the other part when one part of the game was completed.

While making, testing, and repeating games, we got bored with the games we were making. We judged that it was time to add sound effects.

Meeting and Disappointment

We contacted the sound engineer who worked with us at our previous job and had time to meet.

Since we haven't had any profits yet, we talked about the stakes we can offer when we took part in the work, at the same time asking the sound engineer for realistic advice, but the results were disappointing. Unlike us who pursue ideals, he looked at our game with more realistic eyes, and showed a lukewarm attitude toward our proposal.

Again, we are united.

Time was ticking away. I couldn't afford to wait for his definite answer. I edited the sound effects in the game video and produced an example video to target.
I have compiled a list of sound effects that I need through this process. Also, I could feel the need for background music desperately.

Min-seok's first track.

I thought of composer Min-seok, who participated in producing games together in college. Min-seok was my senior in high school, and after receiving music education in college, he had worked as a composer of a music band in Daegu City.
He accepted my proposal favorably, and we had a lot of conversation about the songs that were to be put in the game.