Game balance

When I design game balance figures, I like to combine the characters' abilities into the proportion of their abilities, and then distribute them.
It was the same in previous projects that participated in development, and so was in this project.
In this process, a sensory part is needed, which is how much each number of abilities actually affects the game.
When you convert capability values into imaginary numbers called power to match power, they generally result in similar performance.

ROGUERIA also went through that process to adjust the numerical balance.
Especially since ROGUERIA should be able to use all the skills that exist in the game, ROGUERIA tried to balance each character as if it were a PVP game, even though it was a PVE game.

I set the game balance after a short period of time, and asked my acquaintances and internal developers for a test.

The balance calculation was not wrong. But...

Others didn't react much, but programmer Charles expressed his opinion that certain job groups were too powerful.
I said that the balance formula was not wrong, and that the balance figures were correct after competing against each other for a job that I thought was weak.
However, Charles did not seem to believe my story even though he saw the results of the experiment with his own eyes. It was like watching a double-slit experiment in quantum physics.

This was a phenomenon in which reality and sense did not match.
Seeing this phenomenon, I decided to fix my balance.
If the actual results are different from what people expect, the balance will make the flow of the game unpredictable and difficult to understand, making us think this is something we need to fix.
No matter how right the game developer claims to be and how right it is, it is wrong if the player who accepts the game doesn't feel that way.
I designed a new balance based on Charles' feedback and was able to get a pretty positive response from people.