Increased workload

 With the addition of the DM30002, Rogria's graphics quality has improved, but the amount of work has increased by the higher quality. And the increased workload was too much for the DM30002 alone. As a team manager, I had to solve this problem. I asked my younger brother, a UI designer who worked with me at the last company, if I would like to collaborate. This younger brother said he would be happy to help. However, since the game development process is more like a marathon, not a sprint, I wanted to act as a partner rather than helping us for a moment. Because the harmony of different resources is important for the game's graphics, if one person leaves, the other person has to create the resource according to the style of the person who leaves, so unresponsible favors do not help us, but interfere with becoming. I thought this would be.

Favor and lose touch

The younger brother, who had been pondering for a while, said he would try with us. I asked him two or three times, but his determination seemed clear. The younger brother decided to collaborate in the form of working with us after working at the company. I left everything related to the UI to him. In the first few days, we got to work together at the appointed time, but as the days passed, the period of no contact began to increase. he told me that it was because he was busy working at the company.

UI draft that was working at the time

 It was not really easy to work at the same time while working at a company. Frequent overtime and crunch mode made he tired, and he couldn't meet the schedule became more frequent without receiving my contact. The schedule that he and I promised together continued to puncture. As a result, filling up the holey schedule was an additional task to me, and the schedule of the team members creaked. This life lasted for over 3 months. Overtime, I was able to prepare the UI just for the point in time for programmer Charles to implement the system, but this situation was a situation where one person's problem made all the rest of the team difficult. Obviously, he tried to participate in the work in favor, but in reality it became a situation that caused each other pain.

Decision time

 As a project leader, I was faced with a moment to make decisions. As it is, everyone was in danger of sinking. I contacted the younger brother and told him to join our project when the company's work was organized. The younger brother said that he knew, and decided not to work on our project for the time being. I was disappointed with the increased schedule, but I asked DM30002 to polish the UI. DM30002 and I set a tighter schedule and continued work.

Disappointed again

 And a month has passed. My younger brother, who was in charge of UI work, received a call. The company he was working for has decided to close and now he is said to have been able to focus on the project. My brother came to the place where the studio is to meet us. Me and he talked several times while eating. My younger brother went home with a word that he would do well in the future. I couldn't believe it completely because of what he had shown before. A lot of time was wasted and our work schedule should no longer be broken again. I asked DM30002 to draft a UI for us in the future, regardless of his work schedule. And unfortunately, my premonition was right. He had been sleeping for a month without failing my expectations. Eventually, he had to replace the UI he made with the style of the DM30002 and wasted a long time of 5 months.

Work plan of the newly worked DM30002