Until we start promoting

Since we were developing a game that blended the characteristics of existing games, that is, a game that did not yet exist in this world, I was very curious about the reaction of people. This was not comparable to the feeling I was curious about when I was working at a company and developing games.

When it had been about six months since the game was developed, we thought we should promote the game being produced.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were mentioned as promotional media.
We first created a Twitter account, and little by little we started talking about the game. We had the belief that promoting little by little, often, rather than doing high-quality publicity at once, gets better results from publicity.

Based on that belief, we set out the marketing rules. Create and distribute promotional materials at least once a week. Hashtags related to the game. They would use official social media.

The importance of consistency

The first promotional post about'ROGUERIA' posted on Twitter was very limited by very few people. It was natural. Our early promotions had little to show visually, and most of them were only game development stories that were less interesting and less interesting. People felt like they were enthusiastic about decorated, so-called seemingly stories, rather than as they were.
However, we were not disappointed with the sloppy response. We thought that it would work if we tell our story steadily for a long period of time, just like a water drop falling steadily through a rock.
Initially, there were few likes, but now, there are still more likes than the first.

An effective way to promote on Twitter

There is an effective topic for public relations that I intuitively felt after writing promotional tweets for a long time.
It's animals, pretty girls, and pixel art. Even if the promotional material is not of high quality, this formula works. And the video doesn't come out well. Perhaps it's because of the Internet environment or it feels like the tweet itself isn't exposed well. If you want to promote the game in motion, I recommend using GIF. Gif in the world these days is a format that is not very effective due to mp4, but it is very powerful and effective in the Twitter world.

The reaction was pretty good, the scorpion image

Also, the image of the production process attracted people's attention. Sharing the know-how seemed to arouse curiosity and inspire many creative dream trees.

The number of views and spread of scorpion tweets

The importance of game graphics

The maturity of our game's art resources gradually improved over time. As the game's graphics improved, people's reactions also rose. How the game was done and whether it was original was not very appealing in the flood of information. Only the visible attraction drew their attention.

Is our publicity working well?

Probably, yes. Not long after we started promoting, only those who were making games like us showed interest. And after a while, we started getting calls from outsourcers who wanted to gain financial gains through our game. And after that, distributors who wanted to sell games began to approach. And recently, it has started to get a little attention from gamers. I take this positively. In addition, I started to feel the effect obtained through the previously assumed consistency.
I still think it will take a little longer to reach our goal. We will finish to the end.