In Game Combat Manipulation Method

In the previous posting, we discussed the chaos experienced by acquaintances who tested our games, as well as opinions about the art resources that we have given us on various websites. The solution to the art resource was resolved to some extent with the acquisition of a new member, DM30002, but another approach was needed for a more fundamental way of playing.
Since then, we have tried various ways to solve this problem.
First, we have changed the way we operate so that we can proceed more sequentially. The previous UX were designed to allow a wide selection of manipulations on a single screen, providing convenience for experienced players, but came as a high entry barrier for those who experienced the first game.
First-time gamers were confused when information they didn't know came in all at once.

We rank the information we want to convey to users at each stage of character manipulation, and we begin to remove low-priority information at that stage.

Example of Configure Modified Combat Manipulation Screen Layout

In addition, the existing energy-related system, which used to be a common resource for skill use and movement, was modified to a character-movement system that was intuitive to use the moving score as much as the space in which the character moved.
Similarly, instead of changing all of the different required energy requirements for each skill to equal 1, the skill reuse wait time was added to make it easier to understand how the skill was used.

Thus, the game draft was gradually completed, and Charles is now working hard to implement.