Characters that are unique, but have to be ordinary

Both the words individuality and mediocrity are contradictory, but both had to be matched to the character that would appear in the Rogue Likes genre we would develop.

Each character had to be able to express his job and role, as he wanted to produce a turn-based tactical game that didn't exist.
For example, if you look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy 3, each character is designed to have a separate appearance by profession.

Game characters symbolizing various jobs in Final Fantasy

The game we're going to produce wasn't much different either. At a glance, I wish I could see what the character was like at once.

Therefore, I planned each character to symbolize any job in the fantasy world or in the real world.

Mystery and Attractive Artefacts

What I enjoyed the most in the game of the Rogue Likes genre was the various items, especially the special effects that were superimposed over and over again. I wanted to apply these factors to the games we're developing. I played Binding of Isaac for more than 100 hours, the leader of the Rogue Likes genre, and I could see how attractive these Artefacts were.

more than 100 attractive items in Binding of Isaac.

Finally, in general appearance of the game was determined.

Game characters with different distributions of capabilities, combinations of different skills, battlefields of moderate size, Artefacts that give characters unexpected changes, and unexpected events that offer different choices. With all this clearly drawn in my head, it's time to start developing games.