Every adventure in Rogueria is unique. Ruined battlefields, untouched forests, desolate deserts and gloomy dungeons await your challenge.
Collect powerful artifacts through unexpected encounters and special events, and recruit heroes to help you on your journey. To take down enemies, you need to teach your hero the right skills. Can you uncover the secrets of the mysterious meteorite and bring peace to Rogueria?

Main contents

  • Complete your own hero : Each Rogueria hero has different abilities. As the adventure progresses, the hero acquires various skills. Teaching your hero the right skills will make your hero more powerful.
  • Exploring a new changing world : The moment you start a new adventure in pursuit of the secret of a meteorite, the world of Rogueria changes. You can choose a safe path depending on your hero's condition. Sure, it's risky, but you can also choose a route that offers better rewards. With every new adventure you'll face completely new situations: battlefields, items, monsters, events, and even the heroes waiting for you.
  • Faced with a special event : The path to where the meteorite fell is not easy. Meet unexpected places and take a chance to overcome the crisis of adventure.
  • Get Powerful Relics : You can discover'Artifacts' while exploring Rogueria. Artifacts have a permanent effect on the hero. Artifacts can be powerful by synergizing with the heroes you have assembled and completed, or they can give you the direction you need to go.

Features provided in the previous work

  • 8 heroes with different basic skills and growth potential
  • Stage with three completely different themes
  • More than 120 strategic battlefields
  • Over 140 unique skills
  • 18 or more special monsters
  • 3 or more powerful boss monsters
  • More than 100 mysterious artifacts
  • Over 87 events to make your adventures special

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