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Game Overview.

Rogueria : The story of the shooting star is about adventurers star fell on Rogueria, the unknown continent.
You must be the commander of the adventurers, and guide them safely to where the shooting stars are.

Advanced turn-based tactical game

In the battleground of Rogueria, each character will have a chance to act according to his or her speed of action.
Compared to turn-based tactical games in which each power is given its turn, you can enjoy a more thrilling battle.

a variety of adventurers and skills

More than a dozen different types of adventurers to join you have been summoned from different levels to help with the disaster in Rogueria.
They're heroes with great potential. They can learn more than 100 unique skills that exist in Rogueria.
Although there is a limit to the skills they can master at once, depending on your choice, they can be either wizards or fighters.

Various events await you at Rogueria.

The adventure to the spot where the shooting stars are not long, but it's tough. You venture into the various environments of Rogueeria, where you can experience unexpected events.
Every event depends on your meaningful choice, and the result can lead you to success or ruin.
The fate of you and your party members depends solely on your choice.

Every time you play a new game, you will have a special experience.

Rogueria provides you with a different environment every time you start a new game according to computer rules. It offers all the new things you get from your adventures, from items that will grow you, to even your enemies on the battlefield.

Please Feedback to us!

Hi guys, we have a discord channel.
We always welcome feedback on the game for a better game.

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